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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!
Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

Audiofier - Blent 10 Plus (Ambient Fluctuations)

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Ambient Soundscapes

With Blent 10, you have the power to displace the played note in time, creating unpredictable ambient soundscapes and evolving pads. The Motion Page allows you to set rules for how the notes linger and dance in the time dimension, adding a whole new level of depth to your compositions.

But that's not all - with just the touch of a Mod-Wheel, with the Blent Series' Blender engine, you can manipulate each of the four layers' sounds in various ways. Whether it's moving them in the stereo field, crossfading between them, changing their pitch or filtering them out, you have full control over creating endless mutations and setting the perfect mood for your composition.


  • 4 sound layers

  • 134 multi-sampled sound sources

  • Min and Max controls per layer for: Volume, Pan, Pitch (or Fine Tune) & Filter (Hi/Low-Pass)

  • Attack & Release per layer

  • Reverb & Delay Effects sends per layer

  • Tone & additional Low/Hi pass control per layer

  • Volume LFO control per layer

  • Blender (Layers Blending) Engine, 4 automatable parameters per layer, following 4 available curves types, controlled by Mod-Wheel

  • Master Convolution Reverb & Delay Effects controls

  • Master Low & High Pass Filters

  • Sound Browser

  • Blendeggiator Page, where sounds are time-displaced

  • 8 recallable Scenes

  • Octave Shift per layer

  • Randomisation engine with several randomisation strength levels

    System Requirements

    **Requires Full Kontakt 5.8.1, does NOT work with Kontakt Player.**

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