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Zynaptiq - ORANGE VOCODER (AU Only)

Multi-Algorithm Vocoder Plug-In

Heard on countless songs in multiple genres worldwide, ORANGE VOCODER AU is indeed THE classic software vocoder plug-in. Originally developed by Prosoniq in 1998, ORANGE VOCODER has since evolved through numerous iterations, always staying at the cutting edge right to this day. It has a reputation for being the single most transparent sounding and flexible vocoder plug-in available...and we at Zynaptiq agree.

ORANGE VOCODER features a built-in 32-voice synthesizer, 8 different vocoder algorithms ranging from analog modelled circuits to far-out digital cross-synthesis modes, filter-bank freezing and reverb, a 10-band graphic EQ, and more...a dream-machine for creating new sounds!

New in this AudioUnit edition of the vocoder:
  • 7 additional sound modes, including the “original” version 2 mode
  • Filterbank reverb + “real” reverb
  • New and improved equalizer
  • 32 voice synthesizer (version 2 had 8 voices)
  • Filterbank freeze button
  • HF passthrough mode for increased intelligibility
  • Voiced/unvoiced detect + noise generator
  • “Fat” circuitry for wider stereo image
  • Universal binary, 32/64bit compatible AudioUnit plug-in
  • Randomize mode to generate great sounds by randomizing certain parameters
  • Additonal presets

System Requirements

  • Apple Mac computer
  • OSX 10.6.8 or newer
  • Intel CPU running at 1.5 gHz or faster
  • Apple AU (AudioUnits) compatible Host software (such as Apple Logic, MotU Digital Performer, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One and more)

NOTE: There is no support for VST, RTAS or AAX on Mac or Windows!

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