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XILS 505

It's a String Machine

It's a Synthesizer

It's a Bass Synth

And it can be all three simultaneously, which is why the original unit was advertised as 'The Analog Orchestra!"

We also added a Vintage Analog Human Choir Machine (as an alternative oscillator source for the Synthesizer section) and made it possible to access numerous hidden parameters of the vintage String Machine model.

X-505  in short:

  • Oscillator: The mother of all sources! One faithfully emulated, aliasing free,  TOD (Top Octave Divider) Oscillator providing up to 49 voices of polyphony
  • A String Section, with it's own filter, Waveform mangling, AR settings,
  • A Synthesiser Section with dedicated ADSR, 24db Analog Filter with envelope and LFO modulations, various sound sources (Rocker switches) and the Second Touch special retrigger feature.
  • A Human Voice Section with custom formant and balance settings.
  • A Bass Section with three cumulative waveforms. Each waveform can be filtered in the BASS panel.
  • One Main LFO to control the Vibrato. And another LFO freely assignable in the Modulation Matrix
  • Several Envelope Parameters for each section. A global ADSR for the Synth Section. And still another DADSR envelope assignable in the Modulation Matrix
  • A thick sounding quadruple BBD Chorus/Ensemble unit. ( Each section has it's own send level)
  • A raw Analog Phaser effect. A Vintage Natural sounding reverb. A True Stereo Space effect.
  • A Modulation Matrix, with 6 nodes addressing 14 sources and 24 destinations with access to many secret hardware parameters.
  • A special Glide Section
  • And finally, all parameters can be controlled via MIDI CC in your Daw (or Live)

System Requirements

The XILS 505 is available with the following formats (32 and 64 bits):

Mac OSX 10.8 and later:

  • VST, Audio Unit, AAX (32/64 bits, native)

Windows 7,8 and 10: 

  • VST, AAX (32/64 bits, native)

Warning : the XILS 505 is not a stand-alone application and requires a VST/AU/AAX compatible host application to function correctly.

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