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TAL Software - TAL DAC Bit Crusher

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TAL-DAC is not an ordinary bit crusher or sample rate reducer. The plug-in is based on the TAL-Sampler sound engine. It emulates a sample recorded on a low sample rate with reduced bit depth and upsamples it to the desired host sample rate.

It's possible to choose different algorithms for the upsampling process to emulate the characteristics of different samplers. A low and high shelf EQ together with a AMP Drive in the reconstruction section allow it to approximate the sound character of different sampler AMP's. Also it is possible to emulate hot recorded signals using the input volume knob.

This plug-in can be used on a wide range of audio material, but it's especially useful and authentic on drum sounds.


• Recording stage with input volume control and soft clipper (adds odd harmonics).
• Variable recording sample rate (1000Hz-44100Hz).
• Variable recording bit-depth (4bit-16bit) with different algorithms (mu-law, mu-law delta, linear).
• Reconstruction section with different reconstruction methods (hold, variable, linear, S1000/sinc).
• Very steep reconstruction filters (optional).
• AMP drive (add's even and odd harmonics to the signal).
• A high- and low shelf filter (12dB).
• All non-linear components are 8x oversampled to avoid aliasing.

System Requirements

• Windows: Windows 7 or higher (64 bit host)
• OS X: 10.9 or higher (64 bit host). Universal Binary 2 with native Apple M1 support.
• AAX: Pro Tools 10.3.6 or higher (64 bit). LINUX: 64 bit / Ubuntu 18 or similar.

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