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Few are aware that all headphones sound different and alter the sound of music as it was heard in the recording studio - this sound difference is the largest remaining problem in music playback. As a result, everyone misses out. Many passionate artists are disappointed their art isn’t fully delivered to listeners, while listeners never fully experience music the way it was intended to be heard by artists.

True-Fi is on a mission to address this issue by delivering original studio sound to all music listeners.

Acoustic Correction

We’ve taken thousands of headphone measurements and have captured the acoustic properties of over 138 different models of headphones with our patented, industry leading measurement technology.

This, combined with our sound processing engine and high-res filter technology allows True-Fi to deliver unprecedented studio sound on the most popular headphone models.

Headphone Frequency Response

Headphone measurement is done with measurement tools developed in-house, which make sure the measured data conform with what's actually heard. For measurement reliability, multiple units of the same headphone model are tested and frequency responses captured, generating the true average response of the particular headphone model.

As a final step, the full-frequency-range calibration curve is proofed to the in-house headphone reference target by a team of in-house engineers before deployment to the market.


  • 151 supported headphone models and counting
  • Personalized Hearing Configurations
  • Customized Sound Preferences
  • Discover your music anew with enjoyable studio sound
  • Made to work with the gear and music you already have
  • Buy once, own forever with all upcoming improvements
System Requirements
  • Mac: OS X 10.9 or later
  • Windows: Windows 7 or later
  • Hardware: 2 GB RAM

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