Radial Engineering - Presenter (Audio Presententation Mixer)

Think of the Radial Engineer Presenter as a DI box for your microphone, laptop, and media player, all in one 14-gauge steel chassis. With an XLR input, a 3.5mm TRS input, and digital conversion over USB, all of this is possible. Once you're hooked up to the Presenter, signal can be equalized and balanced so that your voice always cuts over your program material.

Dual XLR outputs take your audio to mixers and PA systems either in stereo or summed to mono, depending on how you set the device. The Presenter can be powered with a separately-available power supply, or by your laptop over USB. Please note that you can only run a laptop or a 3.5mm input at any one time.


  • Balanced XLR mic input
  • USB type-B input for playing back audio from a laptop
  • Ground-lift switch on XLR input
  • 3-position low-cut filter
  • Balanced stereo XLR outputs
  • 2-knob EQ to tailor low and high frequencies to your liking
  • Mono button sums the left and right outputs to mono
  • 48V phantom power switch for powering condenser microphones
  • Audio program-level control for volume of the USB and 3.5mm input
  • Military-grade PCB for noise-free performance
  • Glass-filled nylon housing provides isolation and durability


  • Audio Circuit Type: Active preamplifier circuit with digital to analog input conversion
  • Channels: x2
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (-0.4 dB / 0 dB)
  • Noise Floor: -84 dBu
  • Dynamic Range: +91 dBu
  • Maximum Input: +7 dBu
  • Gain: +52 dBu
  • Intermodulation Distortion:
    0.003% at 0 dBu
    0.01% at -10 dBu
    0.03% at -20 dBu
  • Total Harmonic Distortion:
    0.004% at 20 Hz
    0.004% at 1 kHz
    0.004% at 10 kHz
  • Phase Deviation
    -28° at 20 Hz
    -1° at 1 kHz
    +2° at 10 kHz
  • Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Output Impedance: XLR Output: 2.74 kOhms
  • Insertion Loss: 0 dB
  • I/O
    1 x XLR input
    1 x 3.5 mm TRS input
    1 x USB 2.0 type-B input
    2 x XLR outputs
  • Ground Lift: Main output
  • LED Indicators: Power, 48 V, and USB
  • Power: 5 V, USB
  • Power Supply: Radial Engineering R15DC-US Power Supply (available separately)
  • Construction: 14-gauge steel chassis
  • Finish: Durable powder coat

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