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The Tascam DP-24/32 Tutorial is designed to be more than just a complete guide to using the DP-24: it teaches basic recording techniques to musicians getting their first start in recording.

While the DP-24 is a powerful easy to use portable Recording Studio, there are still many functions that may be difficult for beginners to learn. This video has been designed to walk you through an entire recording session. From setting up microphones to using reverb and EQ to shape your mix.

David Wills (Michael Jackson/Phil Collins) teaches you all the tips to get the most out of your new DP-24 or DP-32.

From basic recording to advanced subjects like importing drum loops, USB transfers and CD burning, this is the must have companion to your DP-24 or DP-32.

Note: This video on the DP-24 is perfectly applicable to the DP-32 model.


  • Complete Video Course with hands on demonstrations

  • Perfect from Beginners to Advanced

  • Taught by Industry Pro (Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Diana Ross)

  • Over 200,000 Musicians, Music Producers and Audio Engineers taught

  • Over 30 years experience with over 70 video courses produced

  • Endorsed by Tascam



  • Welcome
  • Features
  • Front Panel Overview
  • Connections


  • Creating a Song
  • What is Multitracking?
  • Assigning Inputs
  • Setting Levels
  • Using the Tuner
  • Recording to a Metronome
  • Recording an Acoustic Guitar
  • Overdubbing
  • Overdubbing a Bass Guitar
  • Using Microphones
  • Recording Vocals
  • Playback and Mixing
  • Punching In
  • Using Effects (Dynamics/Gtr)
  • Virtual Tracks
  • Using Locators
  • Bouncing


  • Mixing Overview
  • Mute/Solo functions
  • Panning
  • Using EQ
  • Send Effects
  • Using Inputs on Mixdown
  • Mixing down your Song
  • Mastering


  • Connecting a Computer
  • Importing/Exporting Files
  • CD Functions
  • Miscellaneous Functions

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