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Pioneer DJ - VM-50 2-Way Active Studio Monitor (Single-White)

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Featuring a 4 mm-thick aluminum front baffle, flat voicing, Class D amplifier, Aramid fiber cones and Vortex Bass Accelerator, the VM Series accurately reproduces sounds, including deep low-end frequencies while cutting out unwanted vibrations.

The new series also features DSP control and 16 EQ settings allowing artists to easily tune their speakers to their preferred setting, from compact home spaces to large, professional studios.

High-Quality Components

Each speaker in the VM Series includes a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidthaudio reproduction, low audio distortion and increased sound output. The 4 mm-thick rigid aluminum front baffle also suppresses resonance and reduces vibrations, helping the speaker deliver sound that is authentic to the original source.

Aramid Fiber Woofer Cones and Vortex Bass Accelerator

From minimum to maximum volume, Aramid fiber woofer cones deliver an outstanding punch for artists to feel the bass and low-mid frequencies. The newly-designed fiber woofer cones are 30-percent lighter than conventional paper-lined Aramid cones, resulting in a deep, rich sound and a more durable speaker.

With the Vortex Bass Accelerator, low-end audio remains tight and free from unwanted vibrations, while ribs in the bass reflex port allow free air flow from the speaker to deliver pure sound.

Constant Directivity Horn

The new VM Series also features a constant directivity horn to help create a broad, uniform listening space while simultaneously transmitting powerful mid and high-frequency sounds. The horn shape and woofer edge are specially designed so the flat playback frequency crosses over to the tweeter easily, resulting in a natural sound.

DSP Control : Easily Adjustable Sound to Suit Any Room

The VM Series speakers are voiced flat to ensure artists hear the music’s natural sound. Considering listening environments can react differently to audio waves, the speakers also feature a DSP setting, allowing artists to tweak the output and find the perfect sound for their space.

Fixed on the back of the speakers are Low EQ and High EQ knobs. Without looking at the rear panel, artists can click the knobs into four different positions to unlock 16 intuitive EQ settings. The expanded setting set enables artists to tune the speakers in accordance to the room’s shape, size and construction.

Fresh, Professional Design : Enhance the Setup Look and Sound

The brand-new design of the hexagonal aluminum front baffle offers not only a clean look, but improved sound quality and durability. With a 4 mm thickness, the baffle helps cut down unwanted vibrations for lower distortion, while the tweeter protective guard reduces the risk of damage to the high-frequency diaphragm. Completing the VM Series is an Alumite treated brush


  • Type : Bi-amp 2-way active speaker
  • Tweeter : 1" (25 mm) SILK soft dome
  • Woofer : 5.25" (133 mm) ARAMID cone
  • Auto Standby : Yes
  • Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) : 198 x 265 x 300 mm / 7.80” x43” x 11.81”
  • Maximum Sound Pressure : 107 dB

Amplifier Output

  • Class D with 96 kHz
  • DSP
  • LF: 30 W / 4 Ω
  • HF: 30 W / 4 Ω
  • Frequency Range : 40 Hz – 36
  • Impedance : 10 kΩ
  • High EQ : 4 selective EQs
  • Low EQ : 4 selective EQs

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