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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

Nightfox Audio - Pad City

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Pad City is a stack of 12 unique and textural pads. Each pad, starting from guitars or cellos or horns or acoustic pianos or synths, has taken a journey through guitar pedals and amps and outboard processing to give a rich analog texture to any score.

Sampled on each note to ensure no doubling and pitching of a sample, Pad City is a truly unique place to visit if you want a wealth of tone. Real instruments in real spaces thru analog effects with all the functionality of a synthesizer.

We have been long inspired by the ethereal, by the ambient, and by sounds that change over time. That is why we decided to make Pad City, a place to go where every tone takes a journey, that evolves and mutates the longer you hold it.

The samples themselves aren’t simply an oscillator with LFO modulation, these are all unique instruments and complex layers of synths, pianos, guitars, cellos, sent thru a series of outboard effects. Hardware reverbs, delays, modulation, overdrive and shaping tools were captured in performance on each note.

No two samples are exactly the same, so chords become something new and change in different ways as you combine them. Use each as solo instruments or blend them in infinite configurations to create brand new hybrid tones.

Pad City can be used simply, one note at a time to add space and texture, or it can be used with full chords to give a thrilling depth to your mixes and scores.


  • 5 Per-Instrument Effects: (Pan, Width, Input Delay, EQ, Compression)
  • Global Pitch and Pan
  • Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release controls and visualizer
  • Customizable Filter (10 filter types) with Resonance and visualizer
  • Fully customizable Arpeggiator with Hold, Latch, and Midi Thru modes
  • Adjustable parameters include: Step Number, Rate, Number of octaves, Swing amount, Step Size, Keyboard split range Hi / Lo, 6 Arp patterns (up, down, up-down, down-up, random, chord), Velocity map, Note Length map, Pitch offset map
  • 5 Additional Onboard Effects: (Drive (with 8 types), Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb)
  • 3 LFO’s (Gain LFO, Pitch LFO, and Filter LFO) with 6 shape options
  • 5 Portamento controls
  • All important parameters are fully automation-capable in major DAW’s
  • All important parameters are fully CC mappable
  • Over 70 presets included (user presets can be created, saved, and favorited)

System Requirements


  • macOS 10.13 or higher
  • Apple Silicon compatible
  • 8GB RAM


  • Windows 7 or higher
  • 8GB RAM

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