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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

Modalics - BitFuzzer

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Your go-to plugin for transforming any track with immediate warmth, edginess, and compelling character. Whether you're looking to subtly enrich your sound or inject a dose of extreme excitement and grit, BitFuzzer delivers with its potent combination of bitcrushing, distortion, and fuzz capabilities.

This hybrid effect not only adds an instant edge to your music but also offers deep customization through finely tuned synth-style filters and a versatile EQ section. Choose between series and parallel operation modes to precisely shape the intensity and texture of the effect.


BITFUZZER is an unholy allliance between a bitcrusher, fuzz and distortion. The bitfuzzing algorithm is complimented by a powerful filter and EQ section, helping you tame the chaos and create beautiful mayhem.


Fine tune your ultimate fuzz or distortion tone with the aid of the visualizer, reflecting every subtle change in the grit and harmony of signal.


The filter section in BitFuzzer conatins a hi-pass filter, a synth lo pass fliter with resonance control and a finely tuned 4 band EQ to compliment and enhance your crushed and fuzzed tones.


Parallel mode opens up additional shaping possibilities with another powerful filter and independant control of the dry and wet signals, perfect for adding punch and character to your drum tracks or supercharge your basses with massive fuzz


Even in dirt quality matters. Start with 1x to save CPU and go all the up to 8x oversampling for punchier and cleaner harmonic generation.


  • Unique crush algorithm provides a wide range of flavors from warm fuzz to complete meltdown.
  • Gain clips the signal and drives the crusher, unlocking an even wider range of distorted sounds.
  • The hold algorithm will create wild harmonies and tonal variations on the crushed signal.
  • Filter section complete with synth filters and a finely tuned 4 band EQ.
  • Parallel mode with independent dry/wet controls and another synth filter.
  • Oversampling control from 1X to 8X.


System Requirements

  •  Mac Intel & M-Series / Windows Compatible
  • Standalone, VST3, AU, AAX 

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