Cycling 74

Cycling '74 - Max 7 (EDU)

**Note - proof of academic eligibility must be provided in order to purchase this product.

MAX 7 is Patching Reimagined.

Now with a new interface optimized for speed and simplicity, major performance improvements, and a collection of powerful new tools to realize your ideas faster than ever.

**Max 7.1 now includes MSP, Jitter, Gen and support for Max for Live


What's new in Max 7.1?

Package Manager

Get instant access to Max object libraries and system enhancements using the new Package Manager. Found in the File menu, this simple interface provides access to new content while allowing you to manage your existing installed packages.

The available content will be continuously updated with curated contributions from Cycling '74 and the community.


Snapshots Extended

An updated Snapshot system now allows you to save the state of the entire patcher, not just hosted plugins. You can now instantly create, recall, rename and edit your snapshots using the new Snapshot pane on the right toolbar.


Manage your patching with the new file browser


A collection is Max’s version of a playlist and can be made up of files that fit a certain criteria (for example, all audio files from 2011, back when audio files sounded better) or a simple list of things you want to organize.

One powerful feature of collections is that unlike previous versions, files in a collection can live anywhere on your computer, and you don’t have to understand or manage search paths. Just drag a file or folder into the file browser and it’s available for use in your patches.


Customize your environment

Max 7 organizes everything you need within easy reach in customizable toolbars. Create default templates with the features and settings you use most often.


The toolbars form a frame around the patcher window. The top toolbar modernizes the old Max object palette along with the powerful new format palette that features font, color, and style controls. The left toolbar provides immediate access to audio files, videos, plug-ins, and other assets you use in your patching. The bottom toolbar controls how you view and edit your work. And the right toolbar provides access to the inspector, Max console window, and quick reference.

You can manually or automatically hide the toolbars to see your patcher out of the frame.


Plug-in Integration

Working with audio plug-ins has never been easier or more convenient.


Access all your VST~ and AU plug-ins from the patcher frame. Max for Live (AMXD) devices can be used directly in your Max patcher. Ships with dozens of effects, including many exclusive to Max 7. A new inline plug-in view allows you to configure a custom view of parameters you care about – and hide the rest. Easily automate plug-in parameters with Max messages.


Max for Live Devices

Share your work

Since Max 7 can both host and author Max for Live MIDI and audio devices without Live, this format is ideal for making patches into shareable modules, accessible for both Max and Live users.

Included devices

We’ve included a number of Max for Live devices including the Pluggo for Live collection and over a dozen new devices exclusive to Max 7, including:

  • Pitch/ time mple playback devices (Classic Player, PitchTime Player, Pitch Correct Player, Synced Player Bit Player)
  • Pitch Shifting Effects (Pitch & Vibrato, Pitch & Echo)
  • Pitch and Time Instrument (More Simpler)
  • Pitch Analysis (Pitch Tracker)
  • Harmonization (Dual Harmonizer, Multi Harmonizer)
  • Vocoding (Mono Vocoder, Multi Vocoder)
  • Intonation correction (Autotuna, Microtuna)

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