FXpansion - Geist2

Geist2 is a streamlined environment for beat creation and sound sculpting that provides instant inspiration and new ideas for your productions. It combines deep sample manipulation, arrangement and modulation capabilities for intuitive and fast workflow. Geist2 is designed so that nothing gets in the way of your creativity.


  • Sampling rhythm production environment
  • Streamlined slicing, sampling & resampling
  • Pattern and scene sequencing
  • Integrated song mode
  • Real-time record & retro capture
  • Powerful sample layering and sculpting
  • Diverse high-quality built-in effects
  • New algorithms from Bloom and Maul
  • Zynaptiq ZTX time-stretch/pitch-shift
  • Intuitive TransMod modulation
  • Parameter step-automation
  • Intelligent built-in browser
  • Full MIDI and audio export
  • Retina/4K-compatible scalable interface
  • Sound library by Splice Sounds
  • AAX (64-bit only), 32/64-bit VST, AU and Standalone versions.
  • Geist2 includes all content from Geist1 and NEW content from Splice Sounds.
Geist2 owners can select 2 FREE expanders directly within their user account after they’ve registered. *Cinematic Percussion, Cinematic Drums and City of Drums & Beats are not available in this offer.



Geist2 comes with the following content:

  • A brand new library of over 650MB sliceable Rex loops, hits, kits and full presets fromSplice Sounds
  • Over 2GB of factory content from the original Geist.

2 FREE expander packs from the following:

  • Dark Matter: an expander with drum sounds designed for gritty urban and electronic music.
  • Vintage DrumBox: a collection of synthesized analogue drum samples created by The Groove Criminals.
  • Classic Hip Hop: features authentic old-skool 80s and 90s hip hop sounds
  • Analogue Mayhem: features organic electronic sounds generated almost exclusively with a large analogue modular synthesizer
  • Goldbaby Synthetic: lovingly crafted by Goldbaby from an extensive collection of analogue and digital hardware.
  • Ski Rize Dubstep: created by Subject from Ski Rize Studios and designed specifically for hard-hitting, heavy urban beats.
  • BFD Remix: high-quality drum samples, hits, engines and patterns derived from FXpansion's BFD London Sessions.
  • Best of GURU: brings together the highlights of the GURU factory sound library with over 3GB of diverse kits, loops and hits.

Please note: the free expander packs are chosen after purchase - follow the links in your user account.

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