FXpansion - BFD Jazz Maple

BFD Jazz Maple is an expansion pack featuring a Yamaha Maple Custom drum kit, compatible with BFD3/BFD 2.1 and BFD Eco. The expansion features several bonus 'lite' kit-pieces - a Yamaha signature Roy Haynes copper shell snare and a suite of Sabian cymbals.


The Maple Custom is an embodiment of the advanced progression in drum and hardware construction technologies developed by Yamaha, resulting in stunning sustain, warmth and projection. Although the tone of the kit lends itself particularly well to jazz, fusion and funk, BFD Jazz Maple is suitable for all styles of music that demand expressive, great-sounding drums. BFD Jazz Maple comes with a selection of great-sounding BFD3/BFD2.1 and BFD Eco presets which offer some stunningly produced sounds (by FXpansion featured-artists Joe Gore and Marcas Lancaster) right out of the box.


As well as the kit itself (featuring 2 kicks and 3 toms), the BFD Jazz Maple package also includes a bonus 'lite' Yamaha Roy Haynes signature snare with a hand-hammered copper shell, as well as a 'lite' set of Sabian cymbals taken from the BFD Jazz & Funk expansion pack. These bonus 'lite' kit-pieces feature reduced detail levels, and a discount is available for owners of the original expansions. In addition, 5 Groove palettes from Platinum Samples' Real Jazz MIDI collection are included.


BFD Jazz Maple is recorded in the same room and with the same studio conditions as several expansions in the BFD library, such as other Yamaha-based expansions, Signature Snares vols 1 and 2, Jazz & Funk, B.O.M.B. and JEX, in Omega Studios, Rockville, MD, USA. It has also been designed to sound great with BFD3/BFD2's built-in library as well as with BFD-compatible sounds recorded in other locations.


What's included


This download-only BFD3/BFD v2.1 expansion kit includes toms played with sticks, brushes and mallets, as well as kicks struck with felt, rubber and wood beaters. New articulations include rim shot and rim clicks for toms (sticks versions only).

  • 18"x14" Kick (Felt and Rubber)
  • 16"x20" Kick (Felt and Wood)
  • 8"x10" Tom (Stick, Brush and Mallet)
  • 8"x12" Tom (Stick, Brush and Mallet)
  • 14"x14" Floor Tom (Stick, Brush and Mallet)


Bonus hihat and cymbals taken from BFD Jazz & Funk (reduced to 16 bit, 24 velocity layers):

  • 14" Manhattan Hihat (Stick and Brush)
  • 20" AA Med Ride (Stick and Brush)
  • 16" HH Med Crash (Stick, Brush and Mallet)
  • 18" El Sabor Cymbal (Stick and Brush)
  • 18" China (Mallet)

Bonus snare in 5 versions (16 velocity layers):

  • 5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (stick, strainer on)
  • 5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (stick, strainer off)
  • 5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (mallet, strainer off)
  • 5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (brush, strainer on)
  • 5.5"x14" Roy Haynes signature snare (brush, strainer off)

Bonus Groove palettes taken from Platinum Samples' Real Jazz MIDI Grooves:

080 2 Beat Brushes

  • 100 2 Beat Brushes
  • 100 Walk Sticks
  • 120 Shuffle Sticks
  • 120 Walk Sticks

Equipment used for the recordings

  • Kick In - Shure Beta 52 / API 3124 preamp
  • Kick Out - Neumann FET 47 / API 3124 preamp
  • Kick Resonant - Yamaha Sub Kick / Neve VR console channel preamp
  • Snare Top - Shure Beta 57A / API 3124 preamp
  • Snare Bottom - EV N/D457 / API 3124 preamp
  • Snare Side - Violet Design Flamingo Jr. / ATI 8MX2 preamp
  • Toms - Violet Design Globe / ATI 8MX2 preamp
  • Overhead - Matched pairs of Nuemann KM184s or Violet Design Black Knight mics / ATI 8MX2 preamps
  • Room - Violet Design Globe with protoype omni capsules / Focusrite Red preamps
  • Amb3 - Nevaton MC404 stereo mic placed in the center of the room / Metric Halo ULN2 preamps

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP2, or Windows 7 (Windows)
  • OSX 10.5.8, or OSX 10.6.2 and above (Intel Mac only)
  • BFD3, BFD2.1 or BFD Eco
  • Internet connection for download and authorization

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