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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

eMedia - Masters of Blues Guitar (WINDOWS)

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by eMedia
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Learn How to Play Blues Guitar with Original Masters of Classic Blues Guitar Songs

The Easiest Way to Learn to Play Blues Guitar!

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar teaches you how to play blues guitar using 10 original artist recordings of classic blues hits including “Crossfire” by Stevie Ray Vaughan and “The Thrill is Gone” by B.B. King. These blues standards serve as real world, blues guitar lessons that help you learn blues guitar across multiple styles; from modern blues/rock all the way to blues fingerpicking techniques with their roots in Delta blues guitar.

Imagine getting blues guitar lessons from some of the world’s best blues guitarists, plus learning how to play blues guitar standards. Become a confident blues guitarist who can play with a band!

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar artists

Study 10 classic original-artist recordings

  • The Allman Brothers Band (“Statesboro Blues”)
  • Robert Cray (“Smoking Gun”)
  • Buddy Guy, featuring Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton (“Early In The Morning”)
  • B.B. King (“The Thrill Is Gone”)
  • Freddie King (“Hide Away”)
  • John Lee Hooker (“Boogie Chillen”)
  • Jonny Lang (“Cherry Red Wine”)
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan (“Crossfire”)
  • Muddy Waters (“Hoochie Coochie Man”)
  • Howlin’ Wolf (“Back Door Man”)

Practice Your Blues Guitar Skills With the Masters

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar screenshot with pullouts

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar is a fantastic tool to help you learn how to play blues guitar! The original artist blues guitar performances are transcribed note-for-note; and you can study the performance on the eMedia Animated Fretboard, loop it, and slow it down as needed.

The software isolates the guitar part you are learning and provides both tablature and standard music notation, allowing you to learn blues guitar with complete, accurate transcriptions. Simplified chord-based versions are also included to help beginning students learn blues guitar.

Learn to Play Masterful Blues Guitar Solos  Learn how to play classic blues songs from the masters themselves! Simplified chord versions of the songs are ideal for beginners, while experienced players can learn note-for-note from the full transcriptions of both lead and rhythm parts. eMedia’s Animated Fretboard shows you the fingerings in real-time, so you don’t need to read music. Original recordings and variable-speed MIDI tracks let you learn at the tempo you choose. Looping lets you select and repeat tricky sections of a song.

Two Levels of Notation  eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar can be enjoyed by guitar players of all skill levels. Learn to play the song “note-for-note” or choose the simplified “chord-only” version for beginners! Use the MIDI tracks to adjust the song tempo to your skill level. Highlight and loop to focus on any portion of the song.

Full Notation:

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar note-for-note transcription of blues guitar solos

Chord Notation:

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar chords for blues guitar songs

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar Interactive FeedbackInteractive Feedback shows you when you play the correct notes on your guitar as you progress through a song. With a microphone connected to your computer and a guitar in your hands (or a patch cord connecting your guitar and computer), play the notes in the song on any screen featuring the “ear” icon in the upper right corner and the computer will highlight the notes for you in green. You’ll discover that reading tablature and music notation is easier than you ever thought possible!

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar Performance EvaluationPerformance Evaluation listens through your computer’s microphone (or guitar’s patch cord) as you play along with the recording and highlights correctly played notes in melodic lines and solos. The notes are highlighted in green, yellow, or red depending on whether the correct note, a nearby note or a far off note was recognized. Also gives you an overall score.

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar Animated Fretboard

The Animated Fretboard displays fingering positions for you as the music plays. It allows you to see exactly how to play the song on a simulated guitar fretboard as you listen to the music, while Music Tracking highlights the notes being played on the screen. The Animated Fretboard makes it easier to understand blues guitar techniques like string bending, double-stops, and slide guitar positions.

Since you can highlight and loop any section of the music (or even double-click on a single note in the music), you can use the Animated Fretboard to make difficult sections or quick changes easier to manage and learn. Watch the fretboard come alive with real-time display of notes, including bends, vibrato, and slides!

Includes both right- and left-handed views from both the perspective of looking down at your guitar and across at an instructor’s guitar. The Animated Fretboard makes it simple to follow and play along!

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar Playing TipsPlaying Tips helps you understand the chords plus emulate the tone and technique of the blues guitar greats.

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar Artist Biographies and PhotosArtist Biographies and Photos help you gain insight into the lives of the legends.

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar tuner

Tune your guitar quickly and easily. A precision gauge Guitar Tuner allows you to play into your computer’s microphone (or through your guitar’s patch cord) and tune up interactively. Reference tuning notes are included. Includes custom tunings for specific songs when needed.

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar metronome

With a Metronome, set your tempo and practice keeping a steady beat with audio and visual indicators.

eMedia Masters of Blues Guitar recorder

Use the Recorder to save your recordings and play back to share and compare.

System Requirements


  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • Standalone                    

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