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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

eMedia - Guitar for Dummies 2 (WINDOWS)

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by eMedia
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Learn to Play Guitar Better With eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2!

eMedia Guitar For Dummies covered how to play the guitar with basic guitar chords and strumming patterns. Now eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 elevates your playing with over 90 complete guitar lessons by Kevin Garry, Ph.D., University of Colorado-Boulder, award-winning guitarist and music professor.

You’ll get guitar lessons that cover how to read guitar tabs and guitar notes, plus lessons on fingerpicking and other guitar techniques. Interactive Feedback technology in the guitar software makes learning faster.

Plus you’re free to jump between any of the included guitar lessons that interest you the most. Hit songs by artists like Heart and The Animals keep practicing fun. This method is great for both acoustic and electric guitar. Want to play guitar better? Then “level up” to eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 and get started today.

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 screenshot with pullouts

The Fast and Easy Way to Improve Your Guitar Playing!

Over 90 step-by-step guitar lessons in Level 2 will take you through reading music notation, playing melodies, fingerpicking, and different styles of play including rock, blues, folk, and country.

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 features songs in a variety of genres to make learning fun and memorable! Our latest version includes dynamic, enhanced, multi-track audio playback of hit songs popularized by well-known artists, such as:

  • Heart (“Dreamboat Annie”)
  • Simon and Garfunkel (“Scarborough Fair”)
  • The Animals (“House of the Rising Sun”)

Also included are popular songs, including “Greensleeves,” “Romanza,” “Bach Minuet”

Improve Your Guitar Technique

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 instant feedback

Instant Feedback shows you when you play the correct notes on your guitar as you progress through an exercise. With a microphone connected to your computer and a guitar in your hands, play the notes in the exercise (or song) on any screen featuring the “ear” icon in the upper right corner and the computer will highlight the notes for you in green. You’ll discover that reading tablature and music notation is easier than you ever thought possible!

Guitar Tablature

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 guitar tablature

Standard Music Notation

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 standard music notation

Music Notation Display Options Learn via guitar tablature or standard music notation through this easily accessible menu option.

eMedia Guitar For Dummies video lessonVideo Instruction 

Professional guitar instructor Kevin Garry, Ph.D., guides you in over 40 videos with demonstrations of techniques.

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Animated Fretboard skin 1
eMedia Guitar For Dummies Animated Fretboard skin 2
eMedia Guitar For Dummies Animated Fretboard skin 3
eMedia Guitar For Dummies Animated Fretboard skin 4
eMedia Guitar For Dummies Animated Fretboard skin 5
eMedia Guitar For Dummies Animated Fretboard skin 6
The Animated Fretboard (with six different skins!) displays fingering positions as the music plays. It allows you to see exactly how to play the song on a guitar fretboard as you hear the music.

Since you can highlight and loop any section of the music (or even double-click on a single note in the music), you can use the Animated Fretboard to make difficult sections or quick changes easier to manage and learn.

The Animated Fretboard makes it simple to follow along with the lesson content. Includes option for both right- and left-handed views. Fretboard skins are designed in the style of Rickenbacker, Strat, Gretsch, ’59 Les Paul and more!

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 Note and Finger TrackerThe Note Tracker and Finger Tracker tools make it easier to see what note you’re playing by displaying the note as music notation and on eMedia’s Animated Fretboard. You’ll be able to correct your playing quickly and learn to read music fast!

eMedia Guitar For Dummies Level 2 flash cardsInteractive Flash Card Quizzes After you’ve been prepped with exercises designed to teach you to read tablature and notation, try the interactive flash card quizzes to reinforce what you have learned. Flash card quizzes utilize our Pitch Tracking technology to detect notes played on your guitar!

eMedia Guitar For Dummies music trackingMusic Tracking highlights the music and lyrics as they’re heard, making it easy to follow along on guitar.

Tune your guitar quickly and easily. A precision gauge Guitar Tuner allows you to play into your computer’s microphone and tune up interactively. Reference guitar tuning notes are also included.

eMedia Guitar For Dummies tuner

System Requirements


  • Windows 11 / 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • Standalone                    

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