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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

Boz Digital - Little Clipper 2

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Looking for a quick and easy path to the benefits of clipping/limiting? Let Little Clipper point the way.

Little Clipper includes only the essential features you need, along with input and threshold metering, to quickly and easily dial in the perfect amount of clipping to enhance individual tracks, stereo busses, or full mixes.

Little Clipper—Just the Facts:

  • Hard/Soft Clipping
  • Intuitive Input Gain and Ceiling controls
  • Mix knob for blending your dry sound back in
  • Multiple stereo configurations for clipping stereo buses

Little Clipper—Cracking the Code

Wait, what? Sonic benefits of clipping? Aren’t we supposed to avoid clipping?

Clipping is the analog of overdriven tube distortion and tape saturation (see what we did there?), both meant to be avoided, but engineers with golden ears discovered that distortion, albeit counter-intuitively, provided a means of making instruments and vocals stand out in a mix with clarity. The distortion itself wasn’t heard unless you pushed it too hard. Currently, there is no shortage of analog distortion generators in both hardware and modeling software.

Little Clipper Controls

Little Clipper has the essential features needed to quickly and easily dial in the perfect amount of clipping. “Push” controls the input gain of the clipping algorithm. The harder you drive the input, the harder the clipping. The “Pull” knob adjusts the clipping threshold. Anything above the threshold is clipped, anything below is untouched.

A Hard/Soft slider lets you shape the clipping from soft and smooth to bright with bite. Between the Push and Pull knobs are meters that show you input level and threshold. Levels are displayed in blue, while the amount of clipping is shown above the input level in red.

Stereo or Mid/Side

Little Clipper lets you choose your channel configuration for stereo tracks. Clipping often sounds much more natural in Mid/Side mode on stereo buses. It even lets you clip only the mid, which is good for mono tracks, such as bass, kick drum, and snare), or side channels only, giving you even more control over clipping.


If you’re still not sure about the beneficial effects of clipping, here’s a closing quote from audio pioneer, Dr. Richard Heyser, who invented Time Delay Spectrometry, the first means of measuring speaker response in real-world environments:

“The next time you hear an argument between a technologist and golden ear about the audibility of certain types of distortion…is it possible they do not agree because each has a view through a different window?”

System Requirements

  • Mac: MacOS 10.13 or greater (Intel and Apple Silicon)
  • Windows: 7 or greater
  • VST2.4, VST3, AU, AAX (64-bit)

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