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The Orchestra Update V1.1 is available now!

Best Service in collaboration with SonuScore are proud to present an extensive first update for The Orchestra adding new content and new features:

•  A Glockenspiel has been added
•  42 new presets
•  15 new multis
•  Triplets are now possible within The Orchestra engine.
•  A new preset browser makes it easy for you to save and share your presets.
•  In the mixer you can choose the output of each channel.
•  On the new settings page you can change the Midi CC which controls the dynamics.
•  A new dynamics humanizer.
•  The instrument browser automatically jumps to the right instrument loaded into the slot you want to edit.
•  The mute buttons are now automate-able.
•  Solo and mute buttons are also available on the main page.

The V 1.1 Update is FREE for all registered users!

The Orchestra 1.1 is a revolutionary all-in-one 80 player orchestral library whose heart is our breakthrough Ensemble-Engine that empowers you to convert your ideas into music. Simple and incredibly fast.

Sonuscore: "We found a way to revolutionize your way of composing complex orchestrated music. Its a new simplicity, a more natural approach to cope with multifaceted orchestral colors and rhythms."

The idea behind The Orchestra

Orchestral libraries have become more and more complex over the last years. Developers captured every nuance of symphonic orchestras in countless different articulations. But with a tight deadline, having endless possibilities is not necessarily a good thing.

With this library, Sonuscore brings to life a simplistic approach to orchestral composition, giving you both innovative tools to create quick ensemble sketches with minimal effort or write complex orchestral arrangements in all detail.

Paint your orchestral canvas in as broad or as detailed strokes as you want.

Your ideas, your music – all in one instrument.

The core - The ensemble engine

The Ensemble Engine works through a number of independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes, heavily inspired by our Sonuscore Origins-Series. Create pulsating rhythms and even inspiring full arrangements from any combination of notes. All of this without relying on prerecorded phrases – you have the full control. It will work, no matter what chord or note you play.

With minimum loading times, a vast amount of presets provides you with full ensemble colors right out of the box.

  • Independent arpeggiators and velocity envelopes create vivid and powerful orchestral colors.
  • Load up to 5 different instruments in independent slots and play them together.

Compose faster with full instrumental groups

Choose from 150 presets in three categories:

Orchestral Colors

The Orchestral Colors presets are practical combinations of instruments that can be played live on your keyboard.
    Orchestral Rhythms
    The Orchestral Rhythms contain simple, useful playable patterns for separate sections of the orchestra that make use of our Ensemble Engine.
      Animated Orchestra
      The animated orchestra presets go even further, and create complex orchestrated rhythms from any played note. This is where the magic happens!

        Key features:

        • Breakthrough Ensemble Engine
        • Play freely or create stunning orchestral colors with simple chords
        • Complete set of standard articulations for all instruments
        • True Legato Interval Sampling
        • 150 ready-to-go ensemble presets
        • 60 Multi-Rack Patches
        • 6.85GB lossles compressed data
        • 16500+ individual Samples
        • fast loading times
        • min. Kontakt Player 5.6.8 required

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