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Acousticsamples - Bassysm-S


The BassysM-S bass is a four strings Musicman Stingray bass with roundwound strings. The is the slapped version of the BassysM line.

At the bottom of the interface, you can control the behavior of the instrument:

  • Legato mode: you can choose wether playing a legato will trigger Hammer ons, slides, sustains, or simply have no effect.
  • The legato distance will define the maximum interval that in which the legato will apply.
  • The release Volume: the sound produced when you release a string if a note was going on.
  • Cabinet: you can turn the Cabinet simulation on or off.
  • EQ: you can edit the Bass and Treble of the parametric EQ.
  • The Sensitivity will set the minimum volume for velocity 1 and give you access to all the dynamics that you want.

Bassysm-S comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 2 (requires v2.6.5 or later). We provide it for free with every library that you buy, you don't need to buy an expensive sampler to use our products.

    • Mac

      • MacIntel processors
      • 2 GB of RAM
      • MAC OS X 10.7 or higher (if you have 10.6 and want to use our products, please contact us to get an earlier version of UVI Workstation (2.1.8) and of the UFS files).
      • Hard Drive: when using Streaming, faster drive will allow more voices to play


      • Core duo or faster
      • 2 GB of RAM
      • Windows 7 or higher version, Windows 8 and 8.1
      • Hard Drive: when using Streaming, faster drive will allow more voices to play, SSDs are the best choice (Solid State Drives).


      • Standalone
      • Plugin (VST / AU / AAX ) and in 32/64 bits