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Acousticsamples - Bassysm-J


The Bassysm-J bass is a four strings Musicman Stingray bass with roundwound strings. 

At the bottom of the interface, you can control the behavior of the instrument:

  • Legato mode: you can choose wether playing a legato will trigger Hammer ons, slides, sustains, or simply have no effect.
  • The legato distance will define the maximum interval that in which the legato will apply.
  • The release Volume: the sound produced when you release a string if a note was going on.
  • Cabinet: you can turn the Cabinet simulation on or off.
  • EQ: you can edit the Bass and Treble of the parametric EQ.
  • The Sensitivity will set the minimum volume for velocity 1 and give you access to all the dynamics that you want.

Bassysm-J comes with its own sample player, the UVI Workstation 2 (requires v2.6.5 or later). We provide it for free with every library that you buy, you don't need to buy an expensive sampler to use our products.

    • Mac

      • MacIntel processors
      • 2 GB of RAM
      • MAC OS X 10.7 or higher (if you have 10.6 and want to use our products, please contact us to get an earlier version of UVI Workstation (2.1.8) and of the UFS files).
      • Hard Drive: when using Streaming, faster drive will allow more voices to play


      • Core duo or faster
      • 2 GB of RAM
      • Windows 7 or higher version, Windows 8 and 8.1
      • Hard Drive: when using Streaming, faster drive will allow more voices to play, SSDs are the best choice (Solid State Drives).


      • Standalone
      • Plugin (VST / AU / AAX ) and in 32/64 bits