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Avid - Plug-in Activation (Tier 1)

Use this activation to download the Avid plug-in of your choice.

Choose between:

  • Pro Compressor
  • Tel Ray Variable Delay
  • Pro Expander
  • Voce Bundle

Shape And Enhance Tracks Quickly

Shape sounds. Enhance tracks. And breathe new life into your mixes with Pro Compressor, a high-quality AAX plug-in that delivers exceptional sound quality and DSP efficiency. Based on the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, which emulates the coveted dynamics characteristics of the renowned Avid System 5 console, Pro Compressor goes even further.

This incredibly flexible compressor gives you five compression modes, powerful sidechain targeting, and even parallel signal blending. Unique SMART compression mode automatically morphs signals between compression modes—so you can quickly optimize the compression for mono and multichannel material. And AAX DSP optimization lets you handle monster-sized Pro Tools | HDX mixes with ease.

Vintage Delay and Reverb

Featuring lush delay, amazing echo, and incredible warmth, the Tel-Ray Variable Delay plug-in delivers a unique vintage delay that is perfect for any voice or instrument. The original analog units were developed in the early 1960s by a small company experimented with electronics and technology. When they came up with something great, they would Tell Ray (the boss). One invention involved a tuna can, a motor, and a few tablespoons of cancer-causing oil. The creation: an electronic memory unit aptly named the Tel-Ray.

Each Tel-Ray we tested varied drastically in pitch and variation effects, and the same unit could even sound different day to day. Since the original units are basically 30 year-old tuna cans bolted to plywood with springs and motors flopping around inside, we added a Variation knob so you can dial in a Tel-Ray in whatever state of disrepair you desire.

Expand, Gate, And Duck Signals Easily

Give your mix more energy while eliminating noise with the Pro Expander AAX plug-in, a unique high-quality expander that features SMART technology—and delivers exceptional sound quality and DSP efficiency. A sibling to the Pro Compressor, Pro Expander is based on the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, which emulates the coveted dynamics characteristics of the renowned Avid System 5 console. Pro Expander goes even further, enabling you to quickly expand, gate, and duck signals with the utmost precision.

Pro Expander offers a wide range of easy-to-use features and improvements that go way beyond what you can do with the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, plus some unique features not found in the Pro Compressor. Plus, Pro Expander is AAX DSP optimized, so you can handle massive Pro Tools | HDX mixes with ease.

Rotating Speaker Simulation

Voce effects have been used for over 60 years, and now you can add that classic sound to your tracks with the Voce Bundle plug-ins.

Voce Spin provides the most accurate simulation of the well-loved rotating speaker. The plug-in features 15 classic recording setups with horn resonance, speaker crossover, varying microphone placement and even the "Memphis" sound with the lower drum's slow motor unplugged.

Voce Chorus/Vibrato re-creates the B-3 organ's mechanical scanner vibrato. You get three settings of chorus and three settings of vibrato on one cool knob.

System Requirements


  • Windows 8, Windows 7


  • Mac OS 10.11.x, Mac OS 10.10.x, Mac OS 10.9.x, Mac OS 10.8.x. Mac OS 10.7.x 


  • Pro Tools 12.x, Pro Tools 11.x, Pro Tools 10.x 
  • Sample Rate Support: Max Rate: 192k
  • Copy Protection: Requires iLok2


  • AAX Native 64
  • AAX DSP 64
  • AAX AudioSuite 64
  • AAX Native 32
  • AAX DSP 32
  • AAX AudioSuite 32

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