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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

Audiofier - Riffendium X

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Your Guitar Workstation

Ever feel stuck when creating guitar riffs? Riffendium X is your secret weapon. Ditch the frustration and become a riff-making machine with this intuitive looper and guitar workstation. Riffendium X provides over 300 editable guitar recordings, including riffs, rhythms, articulations, and phrases.

Slice and dice them to your liking, then combine them seamlessly in the built-in dual-lane sequencer to forge an endless array of searing guitar creations. But that’s not all! Each loop has been meticulously recorded in all modes of all major scales, giving you unparalleled flexibility and ensuring you’ll always find the perfect fit for your musical vision.

Craft your dream guitar tone with Riffendium

Explore 12 distinct guitar types, each with up to 6 unique pickup positions, offering diverse sonic characters for any loop or articulation. Customize your sound with 12 pre- and post-amp stomp effects, from gritty overdrive to lush chorus. Match your guitar with one of 6 premium amps, perfect for clean chimes or high-gain aggression. Enhance your tone further with an extensive cabinet library and studio-grade processors like delay and reverb. Sculpt your dream rig and unleash your unique sonic signature with Riffendium X!

Riffendium Sequencing Powerhouse

Riffendium X’s heart lies in its sequence page. This is where you build your riffs, crafting intricate rhythms and melodies with ease. The power lies in the HIGH and LOW sequences. Think of them as your two musical collaborators. Program the LOW sequence for your main riff, the foundation of your groove. Then, layer on the HIGH sequence with a complimentary melody, a soaring lead, or even rhythmic counterpoint. The possibilities are endless!


  • 12 Guitars types
  • 12 Stomp effects (Pre & post Amp Slots)
  • 6 Amp types with over 70 Cabinets IRs
  • Master Convolution Reverb with over 40 IRs
  • Master Delay, Eq and Limiter
  • 20 RIG Presets (pre-configured settings for Guitar, Stomps, Amps, cabinet, and master effects)
  • Direct Injection Output (for use with external Amp Simulations)
  • Independent Double Track Rig (like two guitarists with two distinct setups)
  • Dual Lanes loops sequencer (Dividing Low and High riffs with individual pitch triggering)
  • Editable Loops (slice them, change duration and sample start point)
  • Double Track
  • Dual Mode (Main Guitar and Double Track play different sequences of loops)
  • Ending Note Samples
  • Sequences and Sound Randomisation
  • Rig and Sequence Variation (altering the existing tone settings and/or loops combinations)
  • 20 Sequence Presets (starting points for building guitar parts)
  • 8 Articulations per Scene, 8 Scenes per patch
  • About 300 loops recorded in all modes of all major scales.
  • 10 categories of articulations (Basic, Powerchords, Chords, Legatos, Transitions, Ostinatos, Snippets, Riffs, Connectives, Rhythmics)
  • Up to 5 Part/Dynamic Variations velocity layers (ranging from different dynamics - muted, soft, loud etc - to real note/rhythm variations per articulation)
  • From 4 to 128 repetitions per articulation (4 for longer rhythmics, up to 128 per basic single notes, chords and powerchords)
  • Real Time Part Variation via Mod-Wheel

System Requirements

**Requires NI Kontakt 5.8.1, does NOT work with Kontakt Player.*

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