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Earn 10% in Reward Points on Every Purchase!

Audiofier - Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric)

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Your New Playable Ambient, Cinematic Electric Guitar

Your Go-To Guitar for:

  • Lush Arpeggios
  • Shimmering Riffs
  • Emotional Melodies

A Universe of Sounds
Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric is extremely versatile thanks to the wealth of articulations, layers and effects included in one single instrument.

Ready To Explore?
Modus & Forma Ambient Electric does not include only one guitar, nor two! It includes 12 different guitar models all of which have up to 5 pick up configurations. Each model offers 14 articulations for maximum expressiveness.

And when it comes to amps, Modus & Forma Ambient Electric is not short of resources:

  • 14 clean Amps
  • 4 Crunch Amps
  • D.I. option included also

Tame your music
Modus & Forma – Ambient Electric includes multi-velocity, round-robin multi-samples of all frets on all strings of the guitar and a capo selector to choose the ideal fret position to play. You can do this manually via key switches or let the instrument choose the best fret position.

All essential articulations included, plus more
Sustain, Hammer-on, Pull Off, Slide Up, Slide Down, Slanted Picking, Fingers, Harmonics, Bridge Picking, Rakes, Trills with variable speed, real Vibrato with variable speed, Bar Effect, Whammy Vibrato with variable speed.

Authentic Arpeggios
Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) also offers two arpeggio modes: The simple arpeggio mode with 30 factory presets. Or the advanced arpeggio mode, which allows fingerpicking patterns, preset importing and exporting and randomisation. With both arpeggio modes, play a chord fingering with your left hand, and trigger the arpeggio mode via a key switch. Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) will recognise and translate the chord to the most appropriate guitar fingering according to the desired fret position.

Fulfill your strumming needs
Similarly, Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) includes a strumming engine with the same chord recognition feature to produce realistic-sounding guitar strumming progressions. Modus & Forma (Ambient Electric) includes hundreds of chord shapes and fingering already, but you can add your chord shapes and voicings and recall them in any project using the chord import/export feature.

System Requirements

Requires Kontakt's full retail version. It will not work with the free Kontakt Player

  • FORMAT: Kontakt Library (5.8.1 or above)
  • SIZE: 3.8Gb Ncw Compressed
  • FILES: 4549 Audio Samples
  • Sounds And Presets Installation requires PULSE DOWNLOADER

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